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Nightingale Centre

A Way to Natural Health

Classical Five Element Acupuncture

A Point in the Right Direction

What Is It?

Classical Five Element Acupuncture is as old as 3000 years, non-drug reliant and the most effective form of health care available in the world today.

The foundation of all Chinese Culture and Chinese Medicine is centred on the core principles within a book called the Nei Jing – specifically, The Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Internal Medicine. The inherent and ancient principles of health and well-being contained in this book are highly regarded as a treatise on life.

The classical acupuncture approach to health-care has proved its effectiveness in:

  • reducing stress,
  • lifting depression,
  • alleviating acute or chronic health conditions
  • joint pain
  • and general dis-ease within the individual

It is equally effective with:

  • Reversing infertility and impotency problems and can additionally assist those on IVF.
  • It is also appropriate treatment for those who are simply feeling unwell, off balance or challenged by life’s stresses.

However, the prime and most important aim of Classical Five Element Acupuncture is to effect change at the Root Cause level (Causative Factor) encouraging many forms of restrictive illnesses to move into wellness within the individual.

Whilst Classical Five Element Acupuncture acknowledges that everyone is born with strength, vitality and a healthy constitution; it is possible that one of the five elements may have acquired a weakened state causing illness during the stages of life. Man and woman however still have the capacity to sustain a long healthy life as long as the alignment with nature’s law regarding time, season or space is maintained.

The ancient Chinese consider disease to be an abnormal condition; which results from a disregard or moving away from the laws of nature. When we fall out of balance with nature’s rhythms and cycles via unhealthy habits or excessive living; it is possible that imbalance will arise, revealing signals of dis-ease through expressions of distress; in mind body spirit.

How does it work?

Chi is considered to be a universal life force energy which has an effect on all life. Its flow permeates the universe and penetrates the body mind spirit of our being. All things in the universe manifest as the Five Elements being Fire, Earth, Metal, Water and Wood.

The Five Elements are phases or transformations of rhythm, balance and flow of natural phenomena which consistently moves through natural cycles of day and night, time of day and seasons. If the chi energy flow in us is out of balance, in excess, blocked or depleted; disease can manifest as symptoms of distress in body and mind.

We have 12 main functionally important organs in the body which effectively sustain life in us; in CFEA tradition they are regarded as the 12 officials; each official has a unique official responsibility to uphold. Through the taking of the pulses the practitioner can gain insight to the level of energy and state of balance of these officials.

Channels otherwise known as meridians are structured energy lines which create a field around us that consist of 14 pathways of which 360 acupuncture points reside. This power grid of our existence enables chi to penetrate, flow and inform our body mind at the cellular level.

In his observation of five element correspondences and diagnosis of Colour, Sound, Odour and Emotion the practitioner can recognise the imbalanced Causative Factor at the root level. Such skilled observation and holistic engagement with the patient enables the practitioner to effectively treat with needles and moxibustion.

Does It Hurt?

Acupuncture needles are super-fine, pre-sterilized, solid, surgical-quality filaments that are inserted very superficially into the skin. Sometimes, there is a sensation when the needle accesses the blocked qi energy of the acupuncture point. Patients experience the sensation as a feeling of spreading warmth; sometimes it’s a momentary dull ache, or a slight tingle. The feelings may be different from one side of the body to the other and from one treatment to the next. There are many variables that contribute to each treatment.

What Happens In The Initial Consultation?

A Traditional Diagnosis is carried out which includes a physical and medical assessment entailing a detailed overview of personal history, description of complaints, a review of sleep, appetite and other body functions. The session is then concluded with a treatment. Each and every treatment is uniquely tailored to the individual and can take between 1½ -2 hours. All follow up treatments can take 50 minutes to an hour.

How Much Does It Cost?

The initial Consultation is a one off session and costs £120. Follow-up visits last about 50 minutes to an hour and cost £80 per session. After a treatment, one may feel relaxed yet energised and alleviated of stress.

We believe that Classical Five Element Acupuncture should be available as affordable health care to all. If you believe you qualify for some reductions based on age, social security benefits or student status please get in touch to discuss further.